About us

Hirefuel is a boutique recruiting firm specializing in placing top candidates in hyper-growth companies. Our approach is a true partnership; targeted and personalized.

Our business is powered  by referrals through the partnerships we’ve built over the last ten years in the tech industry and beyond. Whether you’re in need of hiring, or you’re looking to level up your career, Hirefuel is here for it! Above all, we value doing the work that builds partnerships and fuels results. You can expect our team to do all of this with transparency, speed and passion.

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Meet the Team

Brent Gilinsky

Brent founded Hirefuel in early 2019 with a goal of bringing quality back to the recruiting industry. He’s been a recruiting partner since 2007 as a founding partner of Neohire, a leading LA-based recruiting firm, which was acquired in 2017 by TS2/Ejento. Brent has dedicated his career as a strategic recruiting partner building pre-IPO and VC-Backed companies. His passion for connecting, creating opportunity, and building companies has made him and the Hirefuel team one of the leading and most trusted recruiters in the industry today. Outside of recruiting, Brent is passionate about Health/Fitness/Wellness, cooking and traveling the world. Brent was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and raised in LA.

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Courtney Kronfeld
Senior Recruiter

Courtney is an LA native with a passion for helping others. In 2017, Courtney realized her true purpose was guiding talent to achieve their career goals, bridged with her enthusiasm for the tech space. Courtney devotes her time to ensure that the needs of her client’s and candidates are met, creating a positive experience with anyone she works with. In her free time, Courtney enjoys attending country concerts and wining and dining with friends!

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Chase Klein

Originally from New York, Chase took his talents to Los Angeles in 2014 and has since not looked back. With a passion for tech, startup culture, and building communities, headhunting and recruiting became a natural career path. “I pride myself in my ability to build teams and cultures, not just fill jobs. If you are looking for a high volume recruiter to submit resumes, I am NOT your guy.” Chase has filled various levels of roles across verticals for high profile startups with a specialization around Seed to Series A companies. In his free time, you can find Chase in Venice Beach bopping around with his little terrier pup.

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Hannah Rosenberg
Recruiting Coordinator

Hannah moved from Michigan to Los Angeles in 2013 and began her professional career as an executive assistant in the entertainment industry. Years of experience working for highly successful executives allowed her to develop critical interpersonal skills that helped her truly understand the needs of others and realize her passion is fostering relationships and connecting people with opportunities. This naturally led her into the recruiting world where she joined the HireFuel team in 2020 to learn from the best of the best. In her free time, she can be found traveling as much as possible or hanging with her Aussie Mountain Doodle pup.

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Kristen Frost
Technical Sourcer + Recruiter

Kristen loves to find exciting opportunities between awesome engineers and companies building great products. Her love for engineers goes so far that she married one. This only helps Kristen better understand the wants and needs of engineers and how to connect them with businesses that can make those needs happen. When Kristen is not recruiting, she is working out and taking care of her two kiddos.

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