The Ins and Outs of Working with a Recruiter Explained

Posted January 10, 2021 in Recruiting

If you’ve ever thought about working with a recruiter, are looking for your next career move and/or just want to keep your ear to the ground for interesting opportunities and companies, this blog is for you! Our goal is to dive deeper into the ins and outs of working with a recruiter, while clearing up some common misconceptions to help give you a greater understanding of the benefits recruiters bring.

Let’s talk money, honey…. 

First and foremost, working with a recruiter will not cost you a dime — It won’t affect your target salary and it won’t have a negative impact on you getting hired. In fact, companies and their investors want their business to scale quickly and know that every day a position is left open/unfilled is another day that delays the company’s growth. They are motivated to work with a recruiting partner to identify the right talent as quickly as possible! Our fees are handled on the client side (the company we are helping with placements) and is already baked into their (clients) yearly budgets. So, you don’t need to worry about any negatives! Hirefuel always has your best interests in mind, and we want to make sure you get everything you need to be happy! Remember, we’re happy, when you’re happy. 

Working with a recruiter can only help you…

At Hirefuel, we are a referral based recruiting agency.  We aren’t the typical recruiters bringing on new clients every day. We work with companies through direct referrals, Venture Capital, and Private Equity relationships. Many of our clients have been partners for more than 10 years! What does that mean for you? It means that we are their trusted partners and we have developed deep relationships with the hiring managers and executives. So when we send your information over, they really take the time to review because they know our recommendations will be on target. 

Sometimes, people think that applying directly through an online platform or via email, helps their chances. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Applying through an online portal puts you into a hiring funnel that is grouped with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people nationwide. This means there is a chance that your resume could get overlooked, put at the bottom of the pile or even end up in a (gasp!) dreaded spam box! If you’re working with a recruiter (like us!), you’ll be able to get through the hiring funnel faster and more efficiently. 

A recruiter is a storyteller…

You are so much more than what’s on paper! We know the ins and outs of what a hiring manager is looking for outside of a job description. With that, we are able to tell your story in a genuine, authentic way, while highlighting elements of your experience that we know the hiring managers are looking for. We take the time to speak to YOU, understanding your experience, your goals, likes, dislikes, culture fit and more. Some questions that are important to us are: 

  • What do YOU want in your next job?
  • What are YOUR career goals and ambitions?
  • What are YOU passionate about? 
  • What is YOUR preferred work style? 
  • What are YOUR family needs? 

Once we know your story, our team can deeply understand your experience and be able to get creative with the opportunities we present. Everyone’s experience and path are unique in their own way!

The end-game, not the now-game… 

The timeline for your next opportunity could be now, in 2 weeks or 2 years. Just because you aren’t looking now, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good time to get in touch. We aren’t only about the now; we are about building with you and wanting to develop a relationship for the future, so we can keep you in mind when opportunities arise. Don’t be shy, reach out and get to know us! 

At Hirefuel, we are REAL people making REAL connections. We aren’t robots! This isn’t a numbers game (or any game for that matter). This is your life, your career, your family’s well being, and we take that to heart. Interested in learning more about how we can help you? Let’s talk!

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